Health and Safety

Health and Safety Training

This Training Includes:

Basic Fire Fighting

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

Confined Spaces

Plan Task Observation

Health and Safety Supervisor Training

Behavior Safety Based Programme

Hazardous Chemical Substances Training

Incident / Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Training

Planned Task Observation Training

First Aid Level 1

SHE Representative

Emergency Preparedness

General Supervisor Training

Safety for Supervisors

Ergonomics Training

Health and Safety Committee Structure Training

Construction Regulation Training

PPE Use and Maintenance Training


Incident and Accident Investigation - Root Cause Analysis

The OSH Act lays down duties and responsibilities to both the employees and employer to avoid accidents and incidents in the best possible manner and practices in place but the accidents still occur owing to human, engineering and natural factors. 

When accidents have occurred the act still vests the responsibility of investigation on the employer and employees to avoid finger pointing, blame fixing and fault finding. This (the act does) to determine the real causes of accidents and what should happen thereafter. 

This course aims to equip learners with: 

  • The planning of investigation 
  • The requirements of investigations 
  • Place and people being investigated
  • Managing the whole process of investigation